Low Altitude Videography

Referred to by a number of terms, including:

  • Low-level aerial videography
  • Low-altitude aerial videography
  • Low-altitude aerial photography
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Multi-rotor helicopters, quadcopters (4 blades), hexacopters (6x), octocopters (8x)
  • Flying camera platforms
  • Radio-controlled
  • High Definition Video
  • Radio-controled miniature air vehicle with highly stabilized high-definition video camera
  • GPS and way-point controlled flight path, precise and repeatable
  • Multi-rotor camera-equipped radio-controlled aircraft
  • Gimbal – keeps a filming device level with servos (motors)
  • And of course, “drones” (but those are more or less considered for long-range automated flying and surveillance beyond line of sight, which we will not do).

There are many great reasons to incorporate low level aerial videography into your next shoot:

  • Get a high vantage point without the planes or helicopters
  • Lower cost than traditional aerial photography or videography
  • Bring your location to life with a “wow” factor
  • Intimate¬†shots, impossible for full size aircraft
  • Hi-def video – all formats
  • 360 degree panoramic shots
  • No shooting through atmospheric haze
  • New creative angles enhance eye-level shots
  • Incredibly smooth footage
  • Gyro stabilized on all 3 axis – Tilt, Roll, Pan
  • View footage immediately, as it’s being taken
  • Re-shoots can be done within minutes
  • Helicopter blades creates huge wind or “rotor wash” and noise that can negatively effect the shot; Flying camera platforms do not disturb the environment
  • Our flying camera platforms run on batteries, stay within the boundaries of “the shot,” don’t travel long distances to get to the location, and so are probably safer than manned helicopters
  • Aerial video¬†at 1080p 60fps AVCHD and lens is fixed at either 5.4mm or 8mm
  • Live video feed for pilot and a separate live video feed for the director
  • Output to medium of your choice – raw footage on micro sd card as default

Aerial Video Services throughout New England. The following areas are covered by SkyFlyVideo – providing low-altitude aerial videography and low-altitude aerial photography services using remote controlled drones as “flying camera platforms” in: Boston, Boston Metrowest, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New England, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Nashua, Worcester, Cambridge, North Shore, South Shore, Hartford and surrounding areas.