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Can you operate from a moving vehicle?

Yes. We have flown with the pilot in a golf cart, car, and can even operate from a boat (modified with a landing pad). Obviously we have a separate driver for the vehicle so that the pilot can concentrate on safe flight maneuvers. Continue Reading

Will you fly over crowds of people?

We will not shoot directly over a crowd, but we can get great angle shots of crowds from safe distances. If we are on a closed location shoot, then we can hover overhead as long as all people involved are clearly briefed on safety issues. The pilot reserves discretion to adjust the flight lines for… Continue Reading

Are there any flight height or distance limits?

Yes. For safety, we only fly line-of-sight, typically a radius of about 500 feet. And we will not exceed a height of 400 feet. You will be delighted by how much you can see from 400 feet up. And most of our work is more likely to be in the 20 – 50 feet range… Continue Reading

Can we see what is being shot from the air?

Yes. Each rig has a video downlink that allows us to monitor what is being shot in real time. This allows the producer to direct the pilot to fly the rig to a particular spot and be able to rotate the camera to the exact angle to get the best shot. We can also immediately… Continue Reading

How long can you fly for?

The rigs and cameras are all battery powered. The smaller rigs fly for about 8 minutes and the larger ones for about 12 minutes, depending on weather conditions. That is more than enough time to get multiple shots while in the air. Battery changeover only takes a few minutes and we’re back up in the… Continue Reading

Aerial Video Services throughout New England. The following areas are covered by SkyFlyVideo – providing low-altitude aerial videography and low-altitude aerial photography services using remote controlled drones as “flying camera platforms” in: Boston, Boston Metrowest, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New England, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Nashua, Worcester, Cambridge, North Shore, South Shore, Hartford and surrounding areas.